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Want to earn some extra cash? You can earn $1500 or more a month with the programs listed below, provided you are an active member of the programs (for most programs almost no activity required) and obtain a good referral base. Obtaining a good(large) referral base, however, just ain't as easy as it sounds, the small downlines of only a few referrals will not really boost your earnings quickly.
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Getting Started
 Welcome to Advertopia

Welcome to Advertopia

Advertopia is a proven marketing system that has been used by successful marketers for the last 14 years. It was turned into an online system 10 years ago with tremendous success for all those who actively used the system. The program closed 3.5 years ago due to a major hack attack that severely damaged the database and 1.5 years of work was lost. At the time I felt it was best to just shut it down since Advertopia is a 100% not for profit company. I felt that it had been around long enough for people to be able to fully know and understand it working. Since I used the system for 4 years without a website I figured by that time everyone else should be able to do it as well. But I was wrong. Those people who once had amazing success in everything they were doing online all started failing once the system was gone. While they continue to work online, and most harder than ever, they just could not seem to have any success. It was due to this high demand of marketers asking me to bring it back that I have decided to do it again.

Advertopia is always free. There may be some things in here that you can use that will cost you money but they are not required to make you successful. So why are they in here if they are not needed? Because they make your work easier. They give you success faster. They automate tasks and those things mean you make more money. For example, you don't need a computer to write a letter. You could use a typewriter. However, everytime you have to make a change or when you make a mistake you need to redo the work over. While it is cheaper not to buy a computer it is a faster and better way to work.

Through the Advertopia system you are going to learn everything that is important to online advertising. And it will work for any business that you put into it. However, if what you are offering is not very good, then of course it won't work as well as if you were, but that goes for everything in advertising.

*If you need help the quickest way to get it is to email me at

***Here are some important guidelines that must be followed to setting up your Advertopia website correctly:***

1) Getting Started - Welcome To Advertopia - Leave box blank: NONE & Training - Leave box blank: NONE

*Listen to all of the recordings: How & Why Advertopia Works & 10 Lessons

2) Your Web Base App - Program ID= Username ONLY in the box

3) Your Web Base - Program ID= Username ONLY in the box

4) My Sponsor's Favorite Program - Only put your url without http:// in the box
Sponsor's Favorite Program 2 - Only put your url without http:// in the box
Sponsor's Favorite Program 3 - Only put your url without http:// in the box

*Once you are done follow Jennie's instructions (from your back office) about "hitting UPDATE at the bottom of the page and then going back and clicking it to make sure that it goes to your website."

5) Required Tools:

*Just Ten Time - Program ID# ONLY in the box

*E-Earn it - Program ID= Username ONLY in the box

*WowApp - Include ONLY the combination of both your username & your name in the box. Nothing else.

6) Optional Tools:

Important note: If you are not going to join a particular program in Advertopia, DO NOT put anything in the box.
Just leave the box blank.
*And that includes the Traffic Exchanges section.

7) Traffic Exchanges

IMPORTANT: Listen to the Traffic Exchange Lessons 1 & 2 & Final Points on Traffic Exchanges recording first so you can get trained on how to use them most effectively & then begin adding your Program IDs in the boxes. Follow the example next to the box and enter either a name or your actual ID#.

*The more Traffic Exchanges that you join the more you maximize your advertising efforts so that you can build a downline who will follow you and who will earn you a percentage of advertising credits to use to promote your programs!

8) Other Advertising Resources

Join all the programs and put your appropriate Program ID in the boxes and then go back and test each one to make sure they go to your website.

*Never put anything other than your Program ID# in any of the boxes!

9) Finally, go to Refer&Promote and start advertising your Advertopia website to begin building your downline. You will see your personal Referral URL to promote. There are also Advertopia banners for you to use. The first two are the most popular to advertise.
 Your Web Base App

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 Your Web Base

This program is a must have & it is owned by the same owner as Advertopia. It is FREE and not only is it a great list builder it is a way to build some truly residual income at no cost.

Watch this 2 minute video as it sums it all up:

 My Sponsor's Favorite ProgramFirst and most important step

This is where you add your businesses that you are passionate about. This allows you to see what your sponsor is passionate about. It also allows you to tell your downline about what you are passionate about. If you are a good sponsor then people will want to follow you because it means that they will have more success. This will let them know what you are doing. Advertopia will help you build any business you want even if your Advertopia Downline is not in your business. This is one of the things that makes it so powerful!

Our Motto has always been:

You can have whatever you want (in business) if you just help enough others get what they want.
Our history also shows that Advertopia members have a spirit of staying together and so they often join what their sponsor is doing.

Before you start promoting Advertopia Click on "My Sponsor's Favorite Program" in green. It will open in a new window so you can look at it when you are done. You can even bookmark it to look at it later.

For these 3 programs only you will put your whole referral link for the website without the "http://"  Example: If you were adding you would put (Don't add Advertopia as this is just an example) in the box then you will go to the bottom of this page and hit update. Then go & come back here and click it to make sure that it goes to your website.

 My Sponsor's Favorite Program 2
 My Sponsor's Favorite Program 3

How & Why Advertopia Works Click here to play

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